Jose Antonio Ochoa

Jose Antonio Ochoa


Reverse Shots

Reverse Shots is a pictorial project that focuses on the relationship between cinema and painting, centring itself on the representation of landscape.

This painting claims to recover the intimacy of a gaze; facing the violent volley of images from the mass-media and the excessive, iconic consumption that lead us to saturation and boredom, a foggy, veiled and calm image is presented, seeking the  recovery of the peace and calm that enable the observer to apprehend the indigestible assortment of images for contemplation.

The images in this project originate from cinema, with the film medium being translated into painting, an inversion of the traditional way, namely, that of classical painting influencing cinema.  Polyester is used as support because of its relationship with celluloid, this being the way that the relationship between cinema and painting is highlighted. Time is evoked by means of different resources, with moving images being transformed into static images; they invite one to  contemplate slowly and get beyond the first glance.  One sees landscapes inundated by mist where you can only discern limited elements, enigmatic and subtle images that search for silence and a space for serene reflection. They pretend to generate questions but they do not provide answers.